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GAMUT launches .G, a new line on its new e-shop


After unveiling KEROSENE PARTY, a fashion film made in collaboration with director Raquel Garcia, singer and producer Jazzboy, and drag queen Messalina Mescalina for the first edition of Paris Fashion Week® Online, GAMUT announces the launch of .G.


.G is a new line by GAMUT which offers inclusive and affordable pieces, freely inspired by pieces from previous GAMUT collections. The first four products of the .G Messalina line are exclusively intended for direct sale on the collective’s e-shop platform. Designed and manufactured in France from A to Z, the .G pieces are cut from a recycled polyester jersey, knitted and printed by a supplier in the Lyon region. The photographic print, developed by GAMUT in collaboration with Europium, represents Messalina Mescalina, one of the historical muses of the collective. Available in several sizes to suit a wide variety of morphologies, the pieces in stretch jersey are accompanied by two new wool sweaters from the GAMUT x Laines Paysannes collaboration. Anchored in the Pyrenees, Laines Paysannes is an eco-responsible cooperative that collaborates with breeders, shearers, spinners, knitters, weavers, artisan wool workers and tanners to structure a small local supply chain. A cross between two worlds and two skills, the Laines Paysannes x GAMUT collaboration brings together an artisanal initiative, part of a conscious and responsible approach, with the sharp eye of an experimental fashion laboratory.


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