The GAMUT collective unites five fashion designers and friends, all graduates of La Cambre in Belgium. Their first collection, presented on 28 September 2018 at La Station – Gare des Mines in Paris, initiates a thoughtful dialogue between the respective universes and fields of expertise of its members.


On a single silhouette, we can make out an interpretation of a traditional suit, invaded by technical elements and worn with GAMUT topstitched cowboy boots and a travel bag crafted from recuperated scarves, which we also find on a ruffled skirt or trousers. The personal visions of each member of the collective coexist and converse in a coherent wardrobe in which the suit is revisited in several forms, sometimes organic, sometimes conceptual, deconstructed, radical or meticulous…  


Each member’s know-how is fully exploited to give life to an open wardrobe where the pieces navigate between men and women in a permanent movement that announces a new, spontaneous aesthetic in contrast with current trends.

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