From her universe Lisa Vanbach draws, from the tradition of artisans of the arts, the necessity of expertise in high fashion and technology. 


Her world is dreamlike, inspired by the dark romanticism of the 19th century, combining the Victorian era with a modern and personal touch which exalts her creations with an aura of mystery, a touch of melancholy and a fiery passion revealing the sensitivity of this creator.

The manufacture of her bracelets is subject to a rigorous selection of  leathers, derived from vegetable tanning, and premium choice immersed lambskins. These are etched by using laser for precision and correctness, providing unparalleled engraving patterns and artistic designs for the entire range. Bracelets are all individually coloured by hand according to the colours defined by Lisa Vanbach to enhance and refine the expression of her graphic works. Each piece is subject to particular attention to the implementation of the lambskin lining bringing a refined softness to the touch.Lisa Vanbach bracelets are unique because of their originality and quality workmanship. 


To complete this collection, she developed cardboard packaging using recycled wood, allying not only the sought minimal aesthetics and respecting the environment by using eco-friendly materials.


The collection is made in collaboration with Atelier Bettenfeld-Rosenblum.



Designer's biography 


Lisa Vanbach created her own brand of luxury accessories and fashion in Paris in 2013.


The Brand Lisa Vanbach was born from not only the love of aesthetics, but also her fascination in the eternal conflict between nature and technology. Having had the chance to grow and evolve in an artistic world and in different countries, cradled and inspired by the world of music, painting, sculpture and fashion design, she naturally decided to direct her life towards the arts and fashion.


Lisa Vanbach developed a real fascination for the laser.  Its intensive force, precision, capabilities and the countless possibilities, could only have marveled the Franco-Swiss creator. Uniting the essence of the tradition of French know-how and the Swiss correctness. Combining high technology and respect for nature, with raw and noble materials was, for her, an inevitable logic. She sought and found the symbiosis between nature and laser technology.

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