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TMALL China Cool presents: motoguo

TMALL China Cool presents: motoguo

MOTOGUO is an eponymous label, founded since 2015 by Moto Guo and business partner, Jay Ang accompanied by co-creative director, Kinder Eng.

Formerly started as menswear label, motoguo has progressed into a genderless label where their collections are pushing the boundaries of gender, fashion and fluidity, progressively creating a space for anyone in between.


With the duo’s detailed institutions, precise visions and a certain inclination for romance, their collections are reminiscent of everyone’s childhood nostalgia immersed in whimsicality and playfulness, topped with a sparkle of cynicism.

It, our home.

It, the motoguo girl.

It, our muse.



“My soul etched into my heart and home.”



What defines a MOTOGUO girl? Who paints the character of ’It’? This season, MOTOGUO tells the story of how everyone, everything evokes something deep inside us, be it a keepsake, personal gems or just knick-knacks. They narrate our past, emphasise on the current and foretell our future. ’It’ is formless yet definitive, anything but everything — it is what it is.



“She is whole when she has a home.”



The 80s vibes. Sailor Moon off-duty looks. Random collection of vintage buttons. Mismatched colours and patterns. The usual favourites which makes up ‘It’.

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