Francisco Terra starts tardevily his fashion design career. He quits Minas Gerais, his place of birth in Brazil at 23, lives in Europe and Asia where he works for the United Nations. Arrived in Paris he pursuits with passion his studies of Fashion Design and quickly joins Givenchy’s Team for menswear and after womeswear, before joining Carven. From his several years in French Houses he will keep the taste for rigorous garments and a sharp knowledge of his market. He concludes also that he is ready to draw his own collections.

Neith Nyer is the name of a Greek Goddess, but also the name of the creative’s director grandmother. A sweet and religious woman that taught him to sew during his childhood in Brazil. With her, concepting a garment was not only a technical skill to be passed through, it was also the occasion to tell him her stories and legends.

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