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UNCOOL - Official Music Video

UNCOOL - Official Music Video

When Take Care festival invited me to show under their line-up of rituals, spirituality and care, healing the soul from a broken heart was the first thing that came up to my mind. Some might say it is maybe because it fits the current moment I am leaving. But most importantly it’s because it is only on sorrow that we find guidance, and that is common for all of us. 

In my home country Brazil we grow up with a mixture of religions. Despite the predominance of catholicism, the multitude of cultures occupying Brazil also brought many beliefs, sects, religions, everything from American witchcraft to African « candomble » ; it is a land full of goddesses and gods, that every citizen celebrates regardless of their personal faith.

I was particularly interested in the multiple interpretations of witchcraft, and growing up surrounded by the anime culture I discovered very early Kanashimi No Belladonna (Belladonna of Sadness), a piece that I’m revisiting in 2020 after my FW1718 season at Guerrisol. And so our smy common grief with the main character became the starting point for this Artisanal capsule season.

A broken heart inspired the patchwork from recycled scraps, put back together to sublimate what once was trash and gets constructed to cocoon the silhouette, slightly like an armor even in fragility. Jewelry was made from beaded flowers used in mortuary crown arrangements, crafted to last through eternity aside millions of « here lies » on the past century. But not all of the pieces intend to rely on the morbid, and on twisting death into beauty. It also takes some of it’s inspiration from re-birth, like the latex as a weapon of seduction of a new love, or the cut out hearts that expanding through ruffles disturb the silhouette and consume the body.

NEITH NYER invited to collaborate: Peter Jitenski, Soft Skin Latex, Denem and Bruna Ignatowska.

Francisco Terra starts tardevily his fashion design career. He quits Minas Gerais, his place of birth in Brazil at 23, lives in Europe and Asia where he works for the United Nations. Arrived in Paris he pursuits with passion his studies of Fashion Design and quickly joins Givenchy’s Team for menswear and after womeswear, before joining Carven. From his several years in French Houses he will keep the taste for rigorous garments and a sharp knowledge of his market. He concludes also that he is ready to draw his own collections.

NEITH NYER is the name of a Greek Goddess, but also the name of the creative’s director grandmother. A sweet and religious woman that taught him to sew during his childhood in Brazil. With her, concepting a garment was not only a technical skill to be passed through, it was also the occasion to tell him her stories and legends.


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