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Throughout the ages we have lost touch with what is real, what is raw, and what is necessary. Too often women are told they must BE some perfect vision, do it all, manage it all, BE it all...


       Women have LOST themselves in trying to please everyone else.

Women have LOST their connection with beauty... with themselves.


It is time to move beyond what the world has accepted as normal. The rushing of everyday. The push. The force. The feeling of not being good enough.


A conscious fashion line that brings Soul into Fashion.


The TARA Paris line is brought to the world by Elegant Femme, a lifestyle brand honoring the full woman. The collection ‘Soul of Beauty’ represents the wholeness of beauty, the light, the dark...the pain and la douceur.


‘Soul of Beauty’ is a transformative experience that transcends the typical ‘idea’ of fashion and transports one to the truth of who we really are.


Meet The Soul of Beauty and be forever transformed.



Elegant Femme is a lifestyle brand that helps women remember who they truly are.

Up until now Elegant Femme has assisted women on the internal aspects of beauty, confidence and wholeness.


Today for the first time Elegant Femme reaches beyond the interior and allows women to experience the external aspects of beauty with ‘The Soul of Beauty” collection.


Each piece is carefully crafted with the best materials in Italy and France.


Beauty that reaches far beyond the confines of a piece of clothing.

It is an essence that every woman has access to, but has long since forgotten.


“Where humanity and divinity meet in a gorgeous dance of oneness...

The light, the dark...the pain, the sweetness of life.”




Designer's biography 


Entrepreneur, leader and tastemaker, Tara Marino, as a mentor and professional consultant, embodies the modern woman who has it all, and who has mastered the delicate balance between her femininity and the demands of our contemporary lifestyle. 

Having faced deep challenges in her personal life, Tara has forged a path of growth and understanding that inspires others around her. As a woman, she instinctively tapped into the collective leaning towards understated refinement.

Her deeply rooted taste for fashion and quest for quality drove her to imagine Tara Paris, a capsule aimed at women seeking to harness luxury in every aspect of their lives. 

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