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Cosmic Youth 8th Collection


VITELLI’s 8th “Gioventù Cosmica” collection feels like a surreal journey down to the abyss of the sea only to re-emerge invigorated and refreshed. Expressed through Italian craftsmanship, the brand celebrates collectivism and inclusivity that spans between art and a new vision for a responsible future. Inspired by Lina Bo Bardi’s architecture, the music of Don Cherry’s experimental group Codona with Moki Cherry’s accompanying artworks, and the Italian radical counter-culture movements of the late ‘70s, the 24 looks propose a new lifestyle collection that is the harmonious effort between the brand and its seasonal partners. VITELLI, based in Milan and produced in Veneto, broadens its horizons and weaves the creativity of other talents into its cosmic universe of escape, giving birth to a luxury-freak concept.


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